Applying legal insight and technical expertise to identify your risks and solutions.

Cite Legal offers top tier quality dispute, compliance and advocacy legal services with flexible client engagement options.

This allows for engagement by clients directly or by other law firms and service providers and utilisation of the most efficient and effective service delivery model.

The details

Dispute resolution lawyers, arbitration and compliance risk management

Our extensive experience covers commercial and regulatory dispute resolution, compliance investigations, risk management and advice with respect to anti-bribery and corruption, supply chain risk and whistleblowing.

Our specific areas of expertise

Dispute Resolution

We can help you with all stages and forms of domestic and international disputes. We tackle the most difficult issues, whilst providing practical solutions of value to our clients.

Compliance Risk Management

As global regulations grow, so does the compliance risk for businesses. We provide practical, market leading solutions and advice to manage these risks.

Cross Border Investment

We provide insight and practical advice on managing risks in cross-border investment to safeguard the value of your investment.


Supply Chain Risk – the focus is on

Supply Chain Risk – the focus is on

A renewed focus is on modern slavery in supply chains, and in particular, those supply contains connected with Xinjiang province in the P.R.C.  New regulations and enforcement measures are being introduced in Canada and the U.K. and are before Parliament in Australia.

Supply chain and business integrity risk – what is your new normal?

Supply chain and business integrity risk – what is your new normal?

Businesses with cross-border supply chains or who are responsible for facilitating cross-border transactions face heightened and new risks due to a combination of geopolitical tensions and operational changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Stage 4 shutdowns – navigating your contracts

Stage 4 shutdowns – navigating your contracts

The complete or partial shutdown of industries in Victoria will impact contractual rights and obligations giving rise to disputes as to which party bears the risk and the monetary impact.