Compliance Risk

Compliance Risk Management

Cite Legal provides practical, market leading solutions to manage compliance risks within business as usual operations

Businesses are subject to an increasing myriad of compliance requirements and are increasingly exposed to reputational, regulatory and legal risks such as directors’ duties and class actions, if they have inadequate compliance systems and procedures.

Cite Legal's founder Monique, is recognised as a ‘go-to’ practitioner in compliance risk management.

Monique has been consistently praised for her practical solutions to complex issues and for being willing to provide a firm opinion as to whether systems and procedures adequately address the compliance risk.

Relevant experience

  • Advising on the systems and procedures to comply with the Commonwealth and New South Wales Modern Slavery Acts
  • Advising investment banks and financial institutions on the adequacy of borrowers’ systems and procedures with respect to corporate governance, modern slavery, bribery and corruption, money laundering and whistle-blower protection
  • Advising on the legal risks arising from supply chains and management of those risks
  • Advising on directors’ duties and corporate risks associated with compliance failures
  • Drafting corporate governance systems and procedures and providing associated training in respect of modern slavery, anti-bribery and corruption, foreign interference and transparency and whistleblower protection for ASX listed companies and companies with multi-national operations
  • Drafting submissions to Government on law reform issues and consulting with Government agencies regarding the same
  • Communications with regulatory agencies and governments in respect of commercial and compliance issues on behalf of clients

Areas of expertise

Anti-Corruption and Money Laundering

All businesses are exposed to corruption, bribery, fraud and money laundering risk. We provide solutions to manage these risks as part of business as usual.

Regulatory and Workplace Investigations

We design and manage investigations in compliance with workplace policies and laws and advise on remediation solutions.

Whistleblower Protection

A wide range of Australian law mandates whistleblower protection and policies. Failure to comply with these whistleblower laws can amount to an offence.

Supply Chain Risk

Diverse and varied supply chains can pose significant commercial and legal risks. We develop frameworks to identify and manage these risks.