Cross Border Investment

Cross Border Investment

Cite Legal can identify the key risks in your investment and can provide a tailored risk management framework to maximise value

This contingency planning is particularly important for cross-border investments where there is greater regulatory, default and enforcement risk.

We use insight, developed from many years of experience in compliance and dispute resolution, to help clients avoid disputes. We do this by assisting clients to foresee the key risks in respect of their investments and the steps to mitigate risk and maximise opportunity.

How we can help

  • International trade and investment advice and due diligence
  • Advise on the enforceability of your contract from a legal and practical perspective
  • Advise on counterparty risk
  • Identify key default and regulatory risks
  • Strategies to manage the above risks from legal and practical perspectives
  • Advise on anti-dumping legislation
  • Advise on investment treaty protection

Relevant experience

  • Representing Australian companies in anti-dumping proceedings
  • Advising Australian and P.R.C companies on investment treaty protection and sovereign political risk
  • Advising on contract structure, counterparty risks and legal and practical enforceability for procurement of steel from the P.R.C.
  • Advising on risk management frameworks with respect to international trade including with respect to anti-bribery and corruption, export controls, whistleblower compliance, supply chain risk and product liability
  • Advising on operational and compliance issues arising with respect to cross-border investments including liability for misconduct, remediation steps and, legal rights and procedures for managing foreign invested companies with the aim of avoiding reputational and legal risk