Compliance Risk

Supply Chain Risk

Diverse and varied supply chains can pose significant commercial and legal risks

These risks include product quality and product liability issues, business and project disruption risks, modern slavery and reputational and compliance risks.

We can identify and help manage these risks.

Our experience has grown out of drafting modern slavery policies and procedures, advising on supply chain risk and investigations in respect of suspected instances of modern slavery or product non-conformance for some of Australia's leading organisations.

How we can help

Cite Legal can provide advice on:

  • risk management and due diligence procedures for supply chains
  • whether the relevant contractual relationships in place provide adequate risk management
  • investigations and remediation in respect of non-compliance including with respect to modern slavery

Relevant experience

  • Drafting modern slavery procedures for public and private organisations

  • Investigating and advising on suspected instances of modern slavery

  • Advising on managing procurement risk