Compliance Risk

Regulatory and Workplace Investigations

Effective investigation, reporting and remediation are critical risk management tools

Cite Legal can design and conduct one-off investigations or design a system of audit plus follow-up investigations as part of a compliance program.

Our investigations can be tailored to the situation at hand and can be conducted discretely or openly.

We will also manage any workplace investigation in compliance with the applicable workplace policies and procedures including whistleblower protection policies and laws and prepare legally compliant reports and recommendations as to the findings from the investigation.

Relevant experience

  • Investigating breaches of the Environment and Protection Act at a large industrial facility
  • Investigating suspected bribery and corruption including with respect to foreign public officials
  • Investigating fraud and mis-conduct in Australia and overseas
  • Advising on steps for ongoing compliance and enforcement action against employees or third parties and communications with regulators including self-reporting